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im julie



what am i all about?

At JRP - you'll find a laid back girl whose style and personality is approachable. 


I'm from a neighborhood in Boston, MA called Dorchester. I'm surrounded by love and I live in one of the proudest cities around. I am the middle child of five and I adore my nieces and nephews.


I've always loved art and took any opportunity to create it, whenever I could. Growing up, I was always the chick with the camera and now I have a million photos to prove it. In 2012 I picked up my first professional camera, YouTubed a bunch of tutorials and the rest is history.

I've worked with kids, waited tables, worked as a nursing assistant and worked at my brother in laws family business. And I currently work for the City of Boston full time. But my most favorite job of all? That has been creating beautiful photos for my clients.

Monday thru Friday you can find me working my full time job. When I'm not working, I am hanging with my family and friends, cooking, trying to fit in a work out (or a nap) and creating art. I love being busy, I love a good challenge and I love making people feel good. 


my passion?

Creating art is my passion. The way the sun hits everything around me during sunset, creating those beautiful golden hour photos? Thats my passion. Creating beautiful, timeless photos of your family, your children, your relationship or your business - thats my passion.

my goal?

I believe photos are one of the most precious things in life and I love nothing more than delivering a gallery to my clients that they can cherish forever.


questions and answers 

get to know me

Q: favorite place to shoot?

A: outdoors! 

Q: canon or nikon?

A:  canon

Q: favorite season?

A:  summer! 

Q: drink of choice?

A:  water, red wine and hard cider

Q: breakfast, lunch or dinner? pick one

A:  all three? but no i'm a dinner gal for sure

Q: favorite genre of music?

A:  I love music in general. But my top are indie-folk, 90's alternative, country and old school rap

the meaning of my work:


In 2017, my dad unexpectedtly passed away. You want to know one of the main things I looked for after his passing? I looked for photos with my dad in them. I sifted through all of my mothers photos. Every single one. You know what I was searching for? Him to be in these photos with us. I skipped over the ones school of just me, the ones of us playing.  I wanted to see his glow, his smile and his arms wrapped around our small bodies. We still search for these, and when we find them they mean SO much to us. In the end, all we have left are memories. Bits and pieces of time we spent together. And no matter how long this time was, it will never seem enough. 

Since then, I have become very passionate about taking family photos. My style is - we get what we get! We meet at a location and I sit there with my camera direct some poses, but mostly I observe and create magic with my camera.

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